Protect the Environment with the V2 Ecigs

The poisonous effects of tobacco cigars on humans are usually known to a certain extent, but few people think of the way in which they affect the environment. If you care about the environment, read on.
When you smoke, you don't only damage your health and the health of the people around you by exposing them to second hand smoke. You also pollute the environment. Cigarette butts and smoking destroy the environment because they cause a lot of land, water and air pollution. When you smoke and burn the over 4,000 chemicals present in tobacco cigs, you inhale a part of them and the other part is released into the atmosphere. Just think about the effects of hundreds of millions of cigarettes.
Also, each single day there are millions of cigarette butts thrown on the ground. Some end up in rivers or lakes. They cause death to the fish and damage the quality of the water. When you throw a cig butt on the ground, it will take 26 years for it to decompose. When it finally does, the chemicals that it contains enter the soil and pollute it. Also, a cigarette factory wastes one tree to produce about 300 tobacco cigs as they need about 4 miles of paper. The manufacturing process also requires water and energy. After the process is completed, there results a huge amount of chemical waste that is usually just dumped into soils and waters. Not to mention the alarming number of fires started by cigarette butts that destroy forests and can kill people or animals. 
Is that alright? Do you want to keep contributing to the destruction of the environment?
Stop these horrible consequences and make a difference for you, your family and the environment. Specialists created the reusable and refillable V2 electronic cigarettes. They replaced the chemical substances found in tobacco cigs with a mix of food flavorings. The cigarette looks the same and feels the same, but it's totally harmless. It releases a water-based vapor instead of smoke. You can still enjoy smoking without affecting anyone and anything. There are no cig butts or ash.
The V2 cigs are the green and clean solution to protect the environment and to contribute to a better world. Just think about all the cigarette butts, ash and smoke that you produce each single day. They pollute the air, land and waters and contribute to an unsafe and dirty environment. Also, you expose yourself and the ones around you to horrible smoking-related diseases.
There's another thing about the new V2 cigs of toontalk: they are inexpensive so you don't have to worry that you'll have to spend lots of money to switch. The V2 ecigs have a low price and they are completely safe for you, your family and the environment. What are you waiting for? Make a difference right now for you and the world.